Slaughter Beach

Slaughter Beach Horseshoe crab cmyk-EDIT 2019 VG.jpg

Slaughter Beach is a Certified Wildlife Habitat Community located on the Delaware Bay near Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge. The town was founded in 1681 and incorporated in 1931. How Slaughter Beach got its name has been debated over the years. Early maps show a small creek named Slaughter Creek, which flowed through the marsh from the Cedar Creek south and emptied into the Delaware Bay just north of Prime Hook Beach. Just to the southwest of the town is an area called “Slaughter Neck”. Another theory is the first postmaster for this locality had the last name of Slaughter. Present day Slaughter Beach has a full time population of 198 people with a much higher summertime population. It is particularly known for the horseshoe crabs spawning in May and June and the migrating shorebirds that feed on their eggs. 

Town of Slaughter Beach